Prime Aged Beef

* Poterhouse

* NY Strip

* Ribeye

* Filet Mignon

* Sirloin

All Steaks Marinated with Balsamic & Honey Stuffed Breads – (Broccoli Rabe, Sausauge, Prosciutto, Spinach) BBQ Marinated Baby Back Ribs, Skirt Steak on a Stick, Chicken Kabobs, Bell & Evans Chicken Breast, Iggy Kabobs (Chicken Cutlets Thin Sliced), Fillet Mignon Kabobs


Prepared Foods

Anti Pasta – (Olives, Artichokes, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers) – Variety of imported Italian Cheeses, Cold Cuts, 15 Varieties of Italian Sausauge including Favorites *Broccoli Rabe * Mozzarella * Pepper & Onions * Cheese Parsley * Tomato Basil Rice Balls, Potato Croquets, Large Variety of Salads, Large Selection of Prepared Foods, Trays for All Occasions, Party Heroes, Oil & Vinegar, Home Made Cooks Needs Featuring: Boars Head Cold Cuts All Italian Cold Cuts Imported from Italy Auricchio Probolone * Parmigiano Reggiano * Parma Prosciutto All Types of Imported Italian Cheeses – Locatelli * Polly-O – Imported Fresh Pasta from Italy (Sapore Di Vallo)

Gift Baskets * Custom Ceramic Plates Imported from Italy

Fresh Italian Bread from Brooklyn Daily, Fresh Ricotta, Homemade Sauce Including:, Marinara Sauce * Meet Sauce * Vodka Sauce *, Pesto Sauce * Clam Sauce Summer Time BBQ (Never Been Better) Full Line up for your BBQ Needs. Save Time Place Orders By Phone!


Best Meats Around Featuring:, Prime Aged Beef * Top Grade Pork * Top Grade, Chicken (Bei & Evan) * Milk Fed Veal * Lamb

*We ship anywhere in the U.S.